LuSea Bee | New Beginnings
A true story - bra(h).
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a. Acoustic Soul

Flashback a year ago, I asked my Hungarian roommate to give me a name for this new bravado of mine, Lord save my soul – this girl paused, fixed her glasses and she gave me nothing.

The end…

Hi, I am me and I don’t know why I set my mind to this in the first place. What I do know is that I feel the strong urge to write all that goes through my mind. I need to put order and regain sanity and own it. So this is basically an online diary, you might relate, you might scoff, you might growl at my cheesiness but it won’t really matter ’cause this is a personal journey and unless you are paying for the trip, your opinions might be acknowledged but still they wouldn’t be relevant.

Why do this, you can’t write for shit!

There are no “Ys” to these things, they just happen. And you, sometimes, have to accept life as it throws itself at you. Might come disguised as a bus, a baby or a blog. My blog. begins…for the umpteenth time



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