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c. Clustercuss

Few days to the end of 2016 and I had to be bed ridden with the worse fever of all times, “afterall It’s 2016” I thought “of course it had to be ended with a fever”.

When I was younger, I got ill fast, easy and almost at all times. I had them all, the allergies, the poxes and what nots, some thought I wouldn’t make it, God said otherwise. Growing up, I was finally cut some slack, I’d simply just kick back and watch as other kids got sick and shots too.  “Must be nice” I thought “I can’t relate, soz cuz”. Kids would look at me, jealousy and awe behind their innocent yet inquisitive eyes and they’d ask me “Why are you not getting these too?” I’d reply, as cockily ever possible “I done did it already, chile, I done did it.”

On the 2nd day of 2017, I took my L – threw it to the curb and bounced back. Ain’t about to take off the year in bed.

To start my new year, I’d love to kick it all the way back with a track I’m still not sure about, even after all these years, simply put, in Nigeria I never really knew if I liked it and I didn’t know what the dealie was with its artist.


Dr. Alban‘s Halleluyah Day.


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